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    SubjectRe: [patch 2.5] VGA IO on systems with multiple PCI IO domains
    On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 18:10, Ivan Kokshaysky wrote: 
    > Here's the patch that converts vgacon.c to pci_request_legacy_resource().
    > Tested on i386 and a single-bus alpha (alpha specific bits not included
    > here).
    > Note that it breaks ppc, as VGA_MAP_MEM() is removed...

    Ok, if I understand properly, all we have to do on PPC is to implement a
    pci_request_legacy_resource() that will do the right thing for legacy
    VGA memory as well ?

    Then, please, check the return value of pci_request_legacy_resource()
    for getting to the VGA memory. Some machines (typically PowerMacs)
    simply don't give you a way to generate PCI cycles to those low memory
    addresses (you can't do VGA on those).

    Disabling VGA dynamically depending on the machine have been a real pain
    until now. With that change, it will now just be a matter for our PPC
    implementation of pci_request_legacy_resource() to fail on machines
    where VGA memory can't be reached.


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