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Subject[BUG] in drivers/char/joystick/magellan.c

Without the patch below, the \0 terminating the string is written
anywhere. nibbles[] would be even better, I guess.
Can you check for stupidity on my side?


But this is not to say that the main benefit of Linux and other GPL
software is lower-cost. Control is the main benefit--cost is secondary.
-- Bruce Perens

diff -Naur linux-2.4.21-pre3-ac4/drivers/char/joystick/magellan.c scratch/drivers/char/joystick/magellan.c
--- linux-2.4.21-pre3-ac4/drivers/char/joystick/magellan.c Thu Sep 13 00:34:06 2001
+++ scratch/drivers/char/joystick/magellan.c Mon Jan 27 13:49:54 2003
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@

static int magellan_crunch_nibbles(unsigned char *data, int count)
- static unsigned char nibbles[16] = "0AB3D56GH9:K<MN?";
+ static unsigned char nibbles[17] = "0AB3D56GH9:K<MN?";

do {
if (data[count] == nibbles[data[count] & 0xf])
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