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SubjectRe: no version magic, tainting kernel.
Date said:
> If my distribution has installed /usr/src/linux-x.y, I can't compile
> against it. Even though the 200MB of a kernel tree is already taking
> up space on my system, I have to download *another* 30MB and install
> it as *another* 200MB and build it to an eventual *another* 260MB of
> kernel tree. So, for every kernel I want to support, I have to have
> 260MB of built tree. And that's just for my userid. Anyone else on
> the box has to have their own n_kernels * 260MB of space waste.

Er, if vermagic.o needed to change, then your module build was broken
already and wouldn't have worked against the precompiled kernel. That's
what vermagic.o is there for. You shouldn't need write permissions to the
kernel source tree. Neither do you need _all_ of the kernel source;
just the headers and appropriate bits of infrastructure.


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