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SubjectRe: [ALSA] opl3sa2 silence
On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Daniel Ritz wrote:

> jup, switching mute on/off did the trick. (and i switched to self-compiled
> alsa-utils since the last mail, not those binaries)
> however the sound quality is miserable when PCM volume is more than 90%...
> but what do i care? anyway thanx for the help.
> now the question: is it possible to convert the driver to normal pnp, ie. no
> pnp cards? (forcing the resources by hand is working but using pnp would be
> much nicer, and since pnpc_ doesn't work for me...)

Yes, this driver might be converted to pnp_device, but I don't like that
and I won't do that. I'm actually trying to make some consensus with Adam
to remove the whole broken pnpc stuff, because the current model is simply
bad and reintroduce something like enhanced pnp_device model when more pnp
devices can be probed and grabbed at once. When things are settled down,
I'll convert all ALSA drivers to new PnP interface immediately.


Jaroslav Kysela <>
Linux Kernel Sound Maintainer
ALSA Project, SuSE Labs

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