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    SubjectRe: no version magic, tainting kernel.
    On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, David Woodhouse wrote:

    > For older kernels you must set O_TARGET, for 2.5 I think the mere act of
    > setting it causes the build to break -- that one is gratuitously making it
    > harder to make external modules which compile in both and I've complained
    > about it before.

    Okay, I might get persuaded to take that check out if it really makes life
    harder. Wouldn't it work to not have O_TARGET in the Makefile at all, I
    think 2.4 shouldn't care as long as you just "make modules"?

    > Per-file CFLAGS must have a full path specified now in 2.5, whereas in 2.4
    > and earlier it was just 'CFLAGS_filename.o'.

    It shouldn't, I kinda deliberately decided to keep the old syntax for
    this. So it would be a bug.


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