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SubjectRe: OOPS in read_cd... what to do?
Mauricio Martinez wrote:
> I reported twice (Jan 15 the last time) to this list a kernel oops when
> reading a CD in a SONY CDU-31A unit with kernels 2.4.18 - 2.4.20 (and
> probably all the 2.4 series), which works fine on 2.2.x (and even
> 1.2.x!!), maybe the maintainer of this part os the code is offline... Are
> there any alternatives to fix this problem? Thank you.

Drivers for older hardware like this are more than likely unmaintained,
and suffer from bit-rot. I don't have this hardware, but I can offer a
bit of analysis to help you debug this further. From the oops message
in your previous email, it looks like the oops occurred on line 1326 of
cdu31a.c. From the stack dump, I can see that input_data was called
with bytesleft=0x4000. This caused readahead_buffer + bytesleft to go
past the end of the module and oops.

Brian Gerst

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