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Subjectnet kernel messages information
Hey all,

I would like to write up some kinda document on all the kernel net
messages that have appeared lately. I see the messages go by the list
every once in a while and I have ask before too, but never got an answer
that really explained what was going on. So basically I would like to
get good answer to the following questions and then I will put it up on
a web site, so in the future google will have better results.

So here goes the questions, The first 3 are the big ones.

1) sending pkt_too_big (len[1500] pmtu[1492]) to self

2) TCP: drop open request from ip/port

3) TCP: Treason uncloaked! Peer ip:rpot/dport shrinks window
4099254473:4099255968. Repaired.

4) Undo partial loss ip/port c1 l1 ss2/2 p1

5) Undo retrans ip/port c3 l0 ss2/3 p2

6) Undo Hoe ip/port c4 l1 ss2/3 p4

7) Disorder5 3 5 f3 s1 rr1

Thanks for all your help.

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