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SubjectRe: no version magic, tainting kernel.
Date said:
> From my exprience at VMware newsgroups distros have bad troubles even
> with delivery of basic configured kernel headers matching to kernel
> binaries they provide (it is not unusual that for example they go from
> 1GB to 4GB kernel without make mrproper so kmap/kunmap do not have
> proper versions attached :-( or they even sell headers and binaries
> with different configs).

But you _need_ the config. Even with your own makefiles, how are you going
to get it right for all new kernels that $CRAPDISTRO ships in a broken form,
if you don't have the configs?

If distros ship broken crap which doesn't let you build modules, there's
really not a lot you can do except note their quality control for the
record and report it in their bug tracking system.

You are _always_ going to have problems with people shipping shite, or
possibly even actively going our of their way to prevent out-of-tree modules
building. It's fairly much an orthogonal problem though, isn't it?


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