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SubjectRe: [NFS] Re: NFS client locking hangs for period
>>>>> " " == Christian Reis <> writes:

> I wonder why you can't do locking on NFS root (if it's a
> current limitation of if it doesn't make sense).

locking supposes that you are already running a statd daemon, which
you clearly cannot be doing on an nfsroot system. If you need locking
on a root partition, then you'll need to set up an initrd from which
to start all the necessary daemons...

BTW: Did I understand you and Neil correctly when you appeared to say
that you were sharing the *same* root partition between several

If so, then that could easily explain your problem: a directory like
/var/lib/nfs simply cannot be shared among several different
machines. Read the 'statd' manpage, and I'm sure you will understand

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