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SubjectRe: restructuring of filesystems config menu
On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Randy.Dunlap wrote:

> Hi,
> > Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 07:57:33 -0500 (EST)
> > From: Robert P. J. Day <>
> > Subject: restructuring of filesystems config menu
> >
> > i've attached a gzipped patch against 2.5.56 for reorganizing
> > the filesystem menu under "make xconfig", and i'm certainly
> > open to feedback/comments/criticism/large sums of money.
> I finally looked at this on 2.5.59. The fs menu certainly
> needs some help/work, so I'd like to see you keep plugging away
> at this. I didn't see much feedback -- was there feedback?
> Maybe on a different subject/thread? A newer version that I
> missed?

nope, didn't get much feedback. i sent the patch directly to
linus but it hasn't yet been added. perhaps in 2.5.60?

> I find it odd that "help" in a Kconfig file can be spelled
> "help" or "---help---", but "--help--" leads to errors.

i did notice some strange parsing rules there.

> I expected to just see the filesystems listed in alpha order,
> but I don't have a problem with the groupings that you
> have made for them.

i thought about alphabetical order, but i settled on the more
common options at the top, and the more obscure ones further

if i don't see a patch incorporated in a subsequent release, am
i supposed to submit it again? what's the proper protocol?


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