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SubjectRe: [Corrected] Set2 scancodes for Japanese keyboard
> > > What kernel this is tested with? What method used? These don't look like
> > > Set2 codes AT ALL.
> >
> > The kernel is 2.4.20. The keycode is the output from showkey, and the
> > make and break codes are the output from showkey -s.
> >
> > Should I have used I8042_DEBUG_IO instead? :-/
> With 2.5, yes, that'd be much better. And yet better it'd be if you'd
> have used the "i8042_direct=1" kernel option, and for set3 the
> "atkbd_set=3" option.
> I'm sorry to tell you after you wrote it all down, but these are set1
> scancodes you see.

I should have realised anyway - I remember now it translates
everything to set 1.

Oh dear, well, it might take a while - I packed my serial terminal
away yesterday, because a wire needs to be soldered on it :-), (which
explains why I was writing it all down :-) )

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