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Subject[OT] Re: Server down?
On 24.01.03 15:18 John Bradford wrote:

[more snippage]
>> That is all fine and dandy, but you do realize that Dave is one of the
>> postmasters (along with Matti Aarnio), dont you?
> Yes.
>> I believe he is a little more qualified than you to tell users what
>> to do.
> About 50% of the traffic on this mailing list is *way* off-topic, and
> nothing is done about it.

Yes, and...? What has that got to do with anything? Guess what, you just
contributed to that yourself -- the original point was about someone
being unsubscribed. Why was the amount of offtopic emails brought into
the equation?

But, while we're on that, what do you propose to do then? Go up to the
house of everyone who posted offtopic here and restrain them so they wont
post anymore? Well, let me introduce you to two simple concepts. One,
freedom of speech. Two, freedom to ignore the freedom of speech. If you
dont like what you read, /dev/null it. C'mon, lighten up. Life's much too
important to be taken seriously ;) But dont expect to realistically
enforce 'ontopicness' (if that is a word, anyway) on a list this large.
It just doesnt work, period. There are too many RMS' around who have the
listening ability of a brick wall for that to ever work. You should,
however, be very thankful to Dave and Matti for managing the list so you
can sit confortably and scream bloody murder from rooftops. You just have
no idea of how much work goes behind the scenes, and what lengths they go
so your daily fix of LKML reaches your mailbox, do you?

Anyhow, I dont think the signal to noise ratio has shifted significantly,
for the most part. There are the occasional spikes now and again, and
specifically as of late with all the raving and ranting about GNU/ and
akin sillyness, but overall, I dont really think its any better or any
worse than it has ever been. Maybe I'm just wrong, though.

For my part, anyway, thanks David, thanks Matti. You do a superb job and
I (and certainlly thousands others) appreciate it very much.

> I post a perfectly on-topic, sensible suggestion, and I am rudely
> flamed for it.

You werent flamed, or your definitions of "being flamed" and "rudely" are
very different than mine. David just stepped up to his role of postmaster
and pointed out that what you suggested was actually wrong, and
procceeded to explain what a user should do, should he ever get bounced
off the list. Dont see where the flames come into the equation, frankly.
Then again, you only thought it was sensible. As Dave pointed out, it
wasnt so sensible afterall. So I see why you thought you were being
flamed. No one likes to be proven wrong before an audience of tens of

>> Who's looking stupid and shouting now?
> Err, not me.

Thats where we disagree. From this end, and all vectors considered, it
certainly looks like you.

Please dont think I'm pouring petrol into the (already fiercely) burning
fire. I have no intention or desire whatsoever to start yet another
pointless-flame-fest-du-jour. Lets just agree that we disagree and leave
it be, pretty please? :)


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