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SubjectRe: [BUG] e100 driver fails to initialize the hardware after kernel bootup through kexec
Michael Fu <> writes:

> After kernel was bootup through kexec command, the NIC failed to
> initialize. The 2.5.52 kernel was patched with kexec and kexec-hwfix
> patch.

Interesting... The patch goes cleanly onto newer kernels so feel
free to play with them. You are running a single cpu system
so the kexec-hwfix patch should not make a difference at this point.

Your interrupt routing is via ACPI interesting...

> the following was is the dmesg output:

> Intel(R) PRO/100 Network Driver - version 2.1.24-k2
> Copyright (c) 2002 Intel Corporation
> PCI: Enabling device 02:09.0 (0000 -> 0003)
> PCI: Setting latency timer of device 02:09.0 to 64
> e100: selftest timeout
> e100: Failed to initialize, instance #0


> I doubt this is a bug in E100 actually.

Given that everything else was working correctly this is almost
certainly an e100 driver or a hardware bug. On x86 everything has
been working well enough that finding something that is not a
hardware/driver bug as a failure case is currently quite a challenge.

Q1: Is this reproducible?
Q2: Is this reproducible with the eepro100 driver?

You were doing the easy case of 2.5.52 to 2.5.52 I have gotten so many
false positives with things working when I reboot the exact same kernel
I barely consider it a valid test case any more...

If it is a bug in the driver a shutdown method can be used to clean up
before reboot to place the device is a quiescent state.
Either that or the drivers initialization code can be enhanced to
handle more strange states.

I know the eepro100 driver issues a reset before playing with the
card. The e100 driver is doing this in a different order, and it is
dying before it resets the card so that looks like the issue to me.

Doing a clean user space shutdown may also help. Though your kexecwrapper
script looked like it was probably doing that o.k.

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