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SubjectRe: Problem with Qlogic 2200 and 2.4.20
Paul Jakma wrote:

>>Just to chime in, are you using the qlogicfc driver that comes with
>>the kernel? If so, Try using qlogic's 6.01 driver set instead and
>>see if your problem goes away. I've had other problems, mostly stack
>>related, but I've since found my fixes
> hmm.. i'd be very interested in them. I have found the qlogic v6
> driver to dreadfully unstable under heavy load (eg multiple
> bonnie++'s) on SMP.

I was planning to go use the qlogic 6.x driver, but only after a test.

For me, the in-kernel driver with the patch from Andrew Patterson is very stable
on SMP. We'll have to see how the 6.x driver works out.

The in-kernel driver without patch is hopeless on single processor too. Uptime
of 15 minutes or so when doing a resync, a bit more, but not much more than an
hour, when doing less intensive IO.

In both cases with the "no handle slots, this should not happen" message. Both
on Broadcom PIII boards - one Dell, one IBM.


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