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SubjectRe: test suite?
On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Randy.Dunlap wrote:

| | From: Robert P. J. Day <>
| |
| | i've noticed references to "test suites" for kernels, but
| | is there any one-step convenient way to select every possible
| | option for test-compiling a new kernel, just to see if it builds?
| | perhaps an "everything" option?
| |
| | and, related to that, should such a kernel theoretically
| | work? as in, are there any options that would be mutually
| | exclusive that would cause such a build to fail?

I tried this...see below.
Short answer is that the resulting kernel is considered too large,
but I don't know by what.
Anyone, where is this kernel size limit coming from?

| | still thinking about reorganizing the overall option structure,
| Hi,
| I notice that you've already had a reply on this (use "make help",
| "make allmodconfig" or "make allyesconfig" etc.).
| OSDL's PLM does this (make allmodconfig) for each new (2.5) kernel
| release and the results are posted at
| and also in the PLM web page interface.
| The script that is used for this is at that same URL above.
| PLM is at .
| Has anyone tried to boot an 'allyesconfig' kernel?
| I'll give that a shot now.

On a dual-proc P4 x86 machine, with 2.5.59, I did 'make allyesconfig'
and tried to build the kernel. There were several classes of problems.

a. many syntax errors (> 50 source files): disabled these configs

b. many linker errors (> 50 object files): disabled these configs
(mostly references to save_flags/restore_flags etc.)

c. One particular error implies that 2 frame buffer options are
mutually exclusive: linking hgafb and fbmem give 6 duplicate
symbols (all of the form 'linux_logo*').

d. There were 4 cases of referenced symbols being discarded or being
outside of the referencing code section. I used Keith's
'' script and fixed these (or tried to).
I will post a separate email for these.

e. Now the only remaining error is this:
arch/i386/boot/tools/build -b arch/i386/boot/bootsect
arch/i386/boot/setup arch/i386/boot/vmlinux.bin CURRENT >
Root device is (3, 4)
Boot sector 512 bytes.
Setup is 4880 bytes.
System is 8384 kB
System is too big. Try using modules.
make[1]: *** [arch/i386/boot/bzImage] Error 1
make: *** [bzImage] Error 2


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