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SubjectRe: [patch 2.5] tg3.c: pci_{save,restore}_extended_state
Wiedemeier, Jeff wrote:
> But right now, the driver does not have enough information to make it a
> driver specific decision. INT_LINE may not be enough to determine the
> vector to claim for LSIs and "Message Data" may not be enough to
> determine the vector to claim for MSIs. What is there is the irq field
> in struct pci_dev.

> If it needs to be made a driver decision, there needs to be some way to
> communicate the correct vector information for whichever option the
> driver is using (if there already is and I missed it, please let me
> know). Otherwise, it seems that trying to match spec behavior given the
> hardware design or disabling MSI at config time for these devices (such
> as through quirks) are the options.

Just to add... I think that the proposed pci_using_msi() could certainly
store additional information in struct pci_dev, if it needed to...
whether it is stored in arch-specific sysdata or in generic struct
pci-dev, I leave as a question to the implementor ;-)

If "what is there is the irq field", then add the additional information
you want :)

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