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SubjectRe: AH transformation broken since 2.5.56
   From: Brice Goglin <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 11:05:30 +0100

My problem was based on the fact that you can disable
CONFIG_CRYPTO_HMAC by disabling CONFIG_CRYPTO. But this will not

Shouldn't there be a fix in dependencies between CONFIG_CRYPTO

If you override the defaults, the responsibility lands in your
hands to do the right thing.

The only facility we have right now is to choose the defaults
sensibly for you, and if you look at crypto/Kconfig we are
doing exactly that. It checks there fore whether AH or ESP
have been enabled, and chooses a default based upon that.

Also, CRYPTO selection comes after the ipsec choices. So the
only thing we can do is make decisions based upon whether
you've enabled AH or ESP not the other way around.

Whether there should be a way to FORCE config options on or off
(instead of controlling the default) to avoid situations like this is
a seperate topic.
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