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SubjectRe: Using O(1) scheduler with 600 processes.
On Thursday 23 January 2003 10:08 pm, GrandMasterLee wrote:
> Well, if I could get a clean patch against 2.4.20, or possibly some help
> fixing the one  I do have, thanks to Ingo, then we'd have a straight
> O(1) sched for 2.4.20. I tried merging the patch that Ingo gave me, and
> everything seems OK, but I don't have any menu selection for O(1) stuff
> in the kernel config.(0 and 100 priority bits)
> So I can't tell if it's enabled.

do a ps -aux and see if there are any process migration threads, if you do
then its running the O(1) scheduler.

> > Your milage will vary.
> > 
> > Give it a try.
> > 
> > --mgross
> > 
> I agree. In the interest of time, I may have to forego O(1), but maybe
> I'll get lucky. :) *hint*hint* :)

You really should try the O(1) scheduler. 600 process is a lot, we had ~100
for our benchmarks so it wasn't as big of a overhead for the old scheduler.
(Running Itanium 2's didn't hurt either ;)

Your running Xeon's with more processes, you are more likely to see a benefit
from the O(1) scheduler.

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