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SubjectRe: Simple patches for Linux as a guest OS in a plex86 VM (please consider)
On 2003-01-24T09:14:15,
Kevin Lawton <> said:

> To get any level of security with UML, you need to use "jailed mode"
> in which performance takes a big beating. To fix this, you need
> patches to Linux as a host, to make it offer a better environment
> for running UML guests. From a commercial perspective, then you have
> a patched Linux host + totally different port of a Linux guest.

That commercial perspective is then completely misguided.

All alternatives I have seen to UML (plex, vmware, UMLinux) suck IMHO. They
are inherently much more platform specific than UML. The necessary
modifications on the host for UML ska mode are minimal and I think besides
bashing out whether it should be a syscall, proc file or whatever, everybody
seems pretty much set on integrating them into the kernel.

Lars Marowsky-Brée <>

Principal Squirrel
SuSE Labs - Research & Development, SuSE Linux AG

"If anything can go wrong, it will." "Chance favors the prepared (mind)."
-- Capt. Edward A. Murphy -- Louis Pasteur
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