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SubjectRe: [ACPI] 2.5.58 hangs at boot
Hi Andrew, all.

I have the same problem here with 2.5.57/8/9 with a Toshiba 2410 Laptop.
Very funny also. The exact system lockup varies according to printk's
inserted in the code.

>Can you stick a printk in ev_sci_handler and see if that's being called
Yes it is.

do_IRQ() is called for irq line 9, calls handle_IRQ_event() which then
calls acpi_irq and finally ev_sci_handler().

This repeats 'ad infinitum'. Didn't wait for more than a few minutes,
but it looks like it will.

The interrupts are handled at acpi_ev_gpe_detect (), which returns 1. At
this point in_irq() returns 0x00010000 (or 0x00001000, don't have a
serial console :/)

Any ideas ??? Need some more debugging ?

Funny enough, without the printk's it usually hangs at
create_workqueue(), while doing wait_for_completion() - seems the kernel
thread simply fails to get run.


Álvaro Lopes
A .sig is just a .sig

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