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SubjectRe: completely undiagnosable (for me) kernel boot problem
On 23 January 2003 06:20, Sam Gendler wrote:
> the main one) fails. It successfully uncompresses vmlinuz and
> initrd.img, then clears the screen and displays the message
> "Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel." and leaves a
> blinking cursor two lines below. Nothing ever happens subsequent to
> that.

Heh... you'll have to mess up with boot code. CCed to
DragonK <> (he had similar 'no boot'
horror story, and was able to diagnose it).

> was complaining about a 2.88MB boot image. Also, the same symptoms
> occur whether I boot from the net or the CDR/DVD drive, so I don't
> think it is the device. I don't know how to go about finding out
> what is hanging the system, and I don't have a system available to me
> on which I can comple a custom kernel. This is the only machine I
> have, and it now has nothing but freeDOS on it.

Thats strange. How did you managed to try network boot without
a second system available to you? Did you tried to copy kernel
to DOS partition and load it with loadlin or linld?

A long time ago I said to "W. Michael Petullo" <>:
>> Since the kernel does not even peep an oops message, I'm not sure where
>> to start debugging. Is anyone else having similar problems?
>If noone will send you a suggestion, I'm afraid you'll have to put debug
>stores to video memory all over startup code.
>C example (assumes 1:1 address mapping)
>char *p = (char*)0x000b8000; // color VGA text framebuffer
>p[(col+row*80)*2] = 'Z'; // character
>p[(col+row*80)*2+1] = 0x0f; // attr (0x0f=white on black)
>You may try this first with booting kernel to be sure it works.
>Good luck.
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