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    SubjectRe: Aic7xxx 6.2.28 and Aic79xx 1.3.0 Released
    > And in fact, you are describing exactly what Linus and Marcelo's
    > jobs are, to reject bogus/broken changes.

    I think you missed the subtely of what I said. It's not "their duty"
    to never make a mistake, and it is not expected that they will catch
    everything. When they do miss something, or make a mistake you probably
    tell them in a straight forward fashion. In this case, what you
    effectively said to me was:

    "Hey. I would appreciate it if you would stop not
    noticing this change that I made to your code through
    Linus without telling you. *Twice* no less. Wake up!
    Wasn't it obvious? It is *your duty* to notice these
    one line changes that happen to break the build on
    a platform that I care about but doesn't have any
    consequences on the platforms you are probably testing.
    Oh, and the aic79xx driver... well I didn't bother to
    look at that because it's not in my configuration.
    Oh well."

    And I get all of this grief *after* I already included the change
    instead of after the first time I missed it. You really make me


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