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SubjectRe: ieee1394: Node 01:1023 has non-standard ROM format (0 quads), cannot parse
> If one cdrom works in the enclosure and another doesn't, then I suspect
> something is weird with the enclosure's detection of the device you
> placed in it. Are you sure that the master/slave jumpers are set
> correctly for the enclosure? Anything else it needs?
They were both set to master. The enclosure itself doesn't have any
jumpers really, but I changed the jumpers around on the dvd drive (after
receiving your email) and tested various combinations (ie: master,
slave, cable select, and the DMA jumper on/off.) None of these worked.

Some other stuff I played with: I noticed that the drive locks shut
with the 'busy' light on. but:
- drive not connected to enclosure: eject works, busy light off
- drive connected to enclosure, but enclosure not plugged into firewire
bus (ie: controller card): eject doesn't work, busy light on
- connected, on the bus, ohci1394 module not loaded: eject works, busy
light off
- connected, on bus, ohci1394 loaded: eject doesn't work, busy light on

Also, transitioning from one of the 'working' states to one of the
non-working states doesn't work (ie: the unloading the ohci1394
driver.) The drive gets "stuck" in it's busy-not-working state until
you powercycle the enclosure.

Is it possible that my enclosure just doesn't support DVD drives?

Thanks again

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