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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: Linux in the News! WooHoo!
On Wednesday 22 January 2003 04:11 pm, James Simmons wrote:
> > The long development cycle has a lot to do with the lack of
> > specifications for the hardware.
> True but also due to the fact that many of the people involved do this in
> there spare time versus for a living. 5 hours a week versus 40 makes a big
> difference in how fast something comes to completion.

According to the XFree86 web pages - they have a LOT of corporate
sponsors contributing both money, jobs, and equipment. They do get paid
back by being able to generate custom graphics interfaces for their hardware.

> > > Now try a search in,, or for
> > > a GNOME or KDE jobs. Well what do you know. No jobs avaible. So no
> > > company is looking to either port there software to linux nor create
> > > new linux software.
> >
> > not true:
> > 2 for "X Window"
> > 10 for "X Windows"
> > 13 for Motif
> Unfoturnely the search engines are not that good. Because of the space in
> X windows you end you getting M$ windows programming jobs. The motif jobs
> are the most accurate.

Possibly - though the ones I did look at were referring to X windows (note the
phrase IS quoted, and treated as one phrase, not two independant words).

On another job site I got 291 responses for UNIX OR LINUX, and most of those
had both entries, and several with GUI requirements. (The Tivoli port
positions looked most interesting)

> > The projects currently underway for doing the desktop haven't asked for
> > R&D funds, to my knowlege.
> And if they ask do you think they get it? I wonder. OpenOffice does have a
> full time staff since Sun has a stake in things. Othewise it wouldn't get
> where it is today.

I don't think Open Office itself has funding, other than that provided by the
web site. It inherits updates from StarOffice, and vice versa. Now that
RH (and other) distributions are including OpenOffice and/or StarOffice, I do
think that funding will increase - there is now a market demand.

> > HOWEVER - there were 15000+ workstations that converted to StarOffice
> > last year (DISA - a government agency). Since StarOffice works on both
> > Linux and M$ I see that as a win. And there are a LOT of OpenOffice (the
> > free version) installations.
> Note free versions. I guess if Sun can afford to lose 2 billions dollars
> it can afford to give a office suite away. The question if Sun runs out of
> money then what?

Nothing - development goes on in the free version.

And actually, sun didn't loose 2 billions... (they didn't have it to start
with). What they gained was a LOT of converts that now want StarOffice, if
they want active support.

Jesse I Pollard, II

Any opinions expressed are solely my own.
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