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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: Linux in the News! WooHoo!

> The long development cycle has a lot to do with the lack of specifications for
> the hardware.

True but also due to the fact that many of the people involved do this in
there spare time versus for a living. 5 hours a week versus 40 makes a big
difference in how fast something comes to completion.

> > Now try a search in,, or for a
> > GNOME or KDE jobs. Well what do you know. No jobs avaible. So no company
> > is looking to either port there software to linux nor create new linux
> > software.
> not true:
> 2 for "X Window"
> 10 for "X Windows"
> 13 for Motif

Unfoturnely the search engines are not that good. Because of the space in
X windows you end you getting M$ windows programming jobs. The motif jobs
are the most accurate.

> The projects currently underway for doing the desktop haven't asked for R&D
> funds, to my knowlege.

And if they ask do you think they get it? I wonder. OpenOffice does have a
full time staff since Sun has a stake in things. Othewise it wouldn't get
where it is today.

> HOWEVER - there were 15000+ workstations that converted to StarOffice last
> year (DISA - a government agency). Since StarOffice works on both Linux and M$
> I see that as a win. And there are a LOT of OpenOffice (the free version)
> installations.

Note free versions. I guess if Sun can afford to lose 2 billions dollars
it can afford to give a office suite away. The question if Sun runs out of
money then what?

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