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SubjectRe: Simple patches for Linux as a guest OS in a plex86 VM (please consider)

--- Andi Kleen <> wrote:
> Kevin Lawton <> writes:
> >
> > I'm working on running Linux as a guest OS inside a
> > lightweight cut-down plex86 environment. My goal is to
> > run a stock Linux kernel, which can be slimmed down to
> Wouldn't it be easier if you just compile the kernel
> with a simple gcc wrapper that replaces all pushfl and popfl with your new
> sequences in the assembly code generated by gcc and also in assembly files
> compiled with the gcc wrapper?

I'm not big on the idea of scripts massaging code - especially when
they do something unintended. It's easier to run a periodic find
script that greps for use of such instructions, if new cases
are introduced. Anyways, there were really only a few cases where
pushf/popf would have even mattered. Some stuff was just
EFLAGS.{ID/AC} identification. I greatly prefer the #define mods.

The new kernel source was quite clean of this stuff, and did a great
job centrailizing stuff in include/asm-i386.


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