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SubjectRe: Problem 2.5.59:SiS framebuffer failed to compile while Intel810 is OK.
Thus spake Sampson Fung (

> I tested Intel810fb in kernel 2.5.59 with a success result. MPlayer can
> use fb to play vcd on my Intel Mainboard now.
> Then, I want to test the DVD playback in my SiS mainboard that has a DVD
> drive installed. So I modify the .config to include SiS Framebuffer
> support and failed to compile with errors below:
> =================
[sniped the build output]

The problem is, that the driver yet not been ported to the new
framebuffer layer of 2.5.

The maintainer of the driver writes on his site
"Kernel 2.5 support will have to wait a few weeks, it seems the fb
API is still under development."

greetz Markus

Markus Barenhoff - Spannskamp 26 - D-22527 Hamburg - Germany
Cell: +49-179-8863351 eMail:
pgp key: (keyID:0xAE7C7759)
FingerPrint: 79 64 AA D9 B7 16 F5 06 6A 88 5F A9 4D 49 45 BB
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