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SubjectRe: IDE TCQ progress?
> is it safe to assume you have TCQ-able drives?  last time I asked
> the maintainer, there were only a few WD Caviar's that did it.

As specified in the config docs

bool "ATA tagged command queueing (EXPERIMENTAL)"
Support for tagged command queueing on ATA disk drives. This enables
the IDE layer to have multiple in-flight requests on hardware that
supports it. For now this includes the IBM Deskstar series drives,
such as the 22GXP, 75GXP, 40GV, 60GXP, and 120GXP (ie any Deskstar
in the last couple of years), and at least some of the Western
Digital drives in the Expert series (by nature of really being IBM

If you have such a drive, say Y here.

I've got an IBM 120GXP (IC35L060AVVA07-0)

> second, what were you expecting? the kernel already schedules the head,
> so the only time it should matter is if you're doing a lot of writes
> in a particular sequence of block addresses in the same cylinder.

I expected the kernel to be somehow stable. Not too much more.

I have heard, however, that TCQ'll help a lot if connecting > 1 unit to the
same IDE bus. Is this true?

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk, Datavaktmester
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Tel: +47 9801 3356

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