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SubjectRe: NForce Chipset support in which kernels?
I'm using an ASUS A7N8X (nForce2 chipset) with linux-2.4.21-pre3-ac4 + 
the patch for the __free_pages_ok oops, Subject: "[patch] 2.4.21-pre3-ac
oops". I also added the latest nForce drivers for both it's nic and
audio, but they load with symbol mismatches. I am using the nVidia NIC
with the nvnet driver. I haven't used sound yet as something isn't
configured correctly yet, haven't tracked it down yet as that is low
priority. The system just became stable with the oops patch. I have
the 3Com NIC recognised, but not used. Sofar the nVidia NIC is
transmitting and receiving fine. I transfered data to the system over
the network in 100MBit full duplex mode on a switched network and it
didn't hicup at all. The transfer saturated the network for a few hours
so it got a good workout. The new copy md5sumed identicle to the
original so there weren't hidden issues in the transfer. For the long
term, who knows how it will hold up. I don't have any IEEE 1394, or
serial IDE devices so they haven't been tested. I haven't used USB yet,
but it is recognised. As of right now I'm doing testing for stability
assesment and all looks good.

- Bryan

>>It is also worth noting that many nForce boards come with 8139
>>on-board. I guess some board makers don't trust the nVidia NIC
>>hardware either...

> Some nForce 2 boards will ship with a 3Com nic chip that is inbeded in the
> system.

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