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Subjecthello ? from one not in anything advanced . . .

Hi !

At present I have SuSE (ouch! I know now too, its a sticky Distri)
8.0 with kernel 2.4.18 . . .

Wanted to install kernel 2.4.20, though there is no special one for
SuSE, but want to build this kernel from a CD of a magazine. And it
should run too.

I have at present this SuSE konfiguration with a boot-Discette (there
is a part of LILO on it, but not whole LILO). This discette is not
able to be viewed in (for security purpose). The files on it are
invisible or "not readable".

Easiest way is then to create an extra boot-diskette for 2.4.20
but this fails with the warning (though kernel is compressed
with 'make bzImage'):

warning: kernel is too big for standalone boot from floppy
make[1]: leaving directory . . . blah

I tried as in README explained with 'make bzdisk' and a diskette
in drive A . . . same warning . . .

Somehow the README seems not to be quite proper or not
detailed enough . . .???

For feedback thank you very much !!!



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