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SubjectRE: [PATCH] SMP parsing rewrite, phase 1
> From: Martin J. Bligh [] 

> Would be a lot easier to read if you could seperate out the
> renames from the rest of the patch that actually does things.
> It all makes me slightly nervous as this stuff is really easy
> to break ... and it breaks wierd machines that are hard to test
> for (been there, done that ;-)).

Exactly why I wanted to clean up the code - too fragile! :)

Anyways, I will take a stab at redoing the changesets the way you

> +static u8 raw_phys_apicid[NR_CPUS] = { [0 ... NR_CPUS-1] =
> Looks odd. May have merged forward badly, that got renamed in 2.5.59
> to bios_cpu_apicid or something.

You are right. I'll fix that.

> Anyway, I'll give it a spin on my wierdo box, and see what happens.

Cool, thanks.

Regards -- Andy
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