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SubjectRe: irport_net_open issue in 2.5.59
> Alessandro Suardi wrote :
> >
> > [crossposted to IrDA-users and l-k]
> Hum... This means that the IrDA mailing list archive is broken
> again. Thanks SourceForge.

I misspelt 'sourceforge' on first attempt - shame on me,
not SF :)


> > irport_net_open(), unable to allocate irq=0
> >
> > It does load, but as expected it doesn't seem to work - irdadump
> > doesn't come up with any line at all.
> Personally, I've never managed to make irport work, and I know
> that in 2.5.X it's worse.

Uhm - not sure I understand. I thought both ircomm and irport
were needed, at least it looks like so from this 2.4.21-pre3
output from my live GPRS link:

[root@dolphin root]# lsmod
Module Size Used by Not tainted
ircomm-tty 22528 1 (autoclean)
ppp_async 7744 1 (autoclean)
ppp_generic 16060 3 (autoclean) [ppp_async]
slhc 5200 0 (autoclean) [ppp_generic]
smc-ircc 7520 1 (autoclean)
irport 5256 1 (autoclean) [smc-ircc]
ircomm 8712 0 [ircomm-tty]
irda 94192 1 [ircomm-tty smc-ircc irport ircomm]

that is, pppd speaks on /dev/ircomm0 - but smc-ircc seems to
use irport.

> But, the message above indicate that you fed the driver with
> improper module options. Try to set the proper irq, that would help.

I would gladly oblige :) but how do I know what the proper IRQ
is ? findchip does tell me that on this CPx750J, but it doesn't
tell me anything on the C640...

> Also, Daniele did lot's of work on the new SMC driver (smsc2,
> available on my web page). Maybe you could test this one.

Thanks, will get back with more news soon-ish.

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