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    SubjectEDD bug find: wrong #define is used to declare edd[] area.
    It appears to me that the wrong #define is being used to declare the
    size of the EDD (BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Services) area of the setup
    parameter page. The following lines use 'EDDNR', but I believe they
    meant to use 'EDDMAXNR': (src @ 2.5.59)

    include/asm-i386/edd.h:line 168:

    extern struct edd_info edd[EDDNR];

    arch/i386/kernel/setup.c:line 477:

    struct edd_info edd[EDDNR];

    For reference:

    #define EDDNR 0x1e9 /* addr of number of edd_info structs at EDDBUF
    #define EDDMAXNR 6 /* number of edd_info structs starting at
    EDDBUF */

    EDDNR is the offset in the parameter page, not the number of entries.
    EDDMAXNR seems to be the literal to use. I haven't tried this fix,
    because I don't use it. Just noticed it while digging through the source.

    -Kevin Lawton

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