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SubjectRe: Is the BitKeeper network protocol documented?
> The fact that BK is used creates information which WOULD NOT HAVE EXISTED
> had BK not existed. In fact, until BK was in use by Linus, not even basic
> CVS checkin comments existed, so the metadata was in a format called
> linux-kernel mbox (if that). So, the use of a tool like BK makes more data
> available, but people cannot be worse off than when the kernel was shipped
> as a tarball and periodic patches. For the sake of those people who don't
> or can't use BK, just pretend BK doesn't exist and they will not be any
> worse off than a year ago. is accessible for all, even people
developing another SCM. All incremental changes can be found there
again without any licensing issues.

And btw. no-one forces people to use BK to develop the kernel.
And the kernel is available as patches on

So what is the point of this thread?

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