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SubjectRe: Promise PDC20268 FastTrack 100 TX2 (PDC20268)
make a single drive strip array - promise will see array defined and the
reboot will pass correctly.
Then you can use sw raid.
Milan Roubal

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Sent: Monday, January 20, 2003 7:34 PM
Subject: Promise PDC20268 FastTrack 100 TX2 (PDC20268)

> Hello all,
> I have a Promise FastTrack 100 TX2 (PDC20268) IDE-controller
> (BIOS v2.00.0.24) used in a linux MD-RAID. Aside from various
> other annoying Promise-problems, I am not able to perform a
> remote boot because the brain-dead Promise-BIOS "complains" that
> no array is defined, and requires one to press ESC to continue
> booting. I would very much appreciate any tips as to how I can
> circumvent this "feature".
> Best regards,
> Robert
> PS. Please CC me, as I am not in the list.

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