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    SubjectRe: [RFC] top-level config menu dependencies
    > []
    > > While converting the way submenus appear in menuconfig depending on
    > > their main, parent config option, I stumbled upon certain subsystems
    > > (such as MTD or IrDA) that should clearly have an on/off switch directly
    > > in the main menu so that one doesn't have to enter the corresponding
    > > submenus to even see if they're enabled or disabled.
    > >
    > > Since the new kernel configurator would have no problems with such
    > > a setup, I'm posting this RFC to get the general opinion on whether
    > > this should be carried on with. I'm willing to create and send in
    > > the patches.
    > While all config programs should be able to handle this, it might look a
    > bit strange. Especially the split view of xconfig relies a bit on the
    > current organisation of the config data.
    > My idea to handle this would be to turn e.g.:
    > menu "Memory Technology Devices (MTD)"
    > config MTD
    > tristate "Memory Technology Device (MTD) support"
    > into something like this:
    > menuconfig MTD
    > tristate "Memory Technology Device (MTD) support"
    > This would give the front ends the most flexibility. The required
    > changes are quite small, so it should be doable for 2.6. I'm not
    > completely sure about the syntax yet, but above is the most likely
    > version.

    If I understand you correctly, what you are proposing is equivalent
    to how the following currently works:

    config MTD
    tristate "Memory Technology Device (MTD) support"

    menu "Memory Technology Device (MTD) support"
    depends on MTD



    It seems to me the infrastructure you've provided by kconfig
    is completely sufficient -- it's the config frontends that would
    require minor updates (xconfig mainly, menuconfig seems to be
    working nicely -- at least with the setup I outlined above).

    Tomas Szepe <>
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