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SubjectRe: [Pcihpd-discuss] Re: [BUG][2.5]deadlock on cpci hot insert
On 17 Jan 2003, Rusty Lynch wrote:

> I actually have two ZT5550C boards each using a ZT96073 mezzanine board
> (which contains a hard drive a floppy) and each with ZT4804/ZT4802 rear
> panel transition boards.
> I do not see anything in my BIOS (v5.15) about "High Availability" options,
> but looking through the ZT5550 manual on the pt website, I noticed that
> all ZT550 models before revision 'D' only have active-standby mode, so I
> wonder if the bit we are looking at was only used in newer versions of the
> ZT5550.

Hmm, based on the research I've done, that does seem to be the case.

> For what it is worth, I messed around with all the possible combinations
> of system master and peripheral boards that I had, and noted what HCF_HCS
> was in system log.

That's very useful information, thank you!

> Like I mentioned before, I suspect that the last three bits are not
> implemented on older ZT5550 boards (pre 'D' versions). In the docs
> you have access too, is there reference to a register we could find
> out which version of 5550 this board is for? That would make this
> easy to solve.

I've dug through the rss-1.0-1 tarball released by Ziatech/Intel, and
have found the init code that handles setup for the different versions
of the host controller. Once I decipher it a bit further, I should be
able to handle the two board versions. Note, however, that my plan is
to disable the driver on standby mode boards, since I'm not really in
a position to work on a RSS capable driver (no hardware or time on my
part, and SOMA isn't interested in RSS).

> hmm... if HCS_RH_STATE is talking about if the other system board is
> active or standby, then we could assume both busses need to be added
> if HCS_RH_STATE is not set. That is unless there such thing as being able to
> completely turn off one of the busses.

The docs I have from PT are pretty much specific to the D version of
the card, so I'll try and decipher the differing bits from the rss-1.0-1

> BTW, I'm going to be at the Linux World show in NY next week, so I
> will not be able to try anything new for a week.

I'll do some more experimenting here and try to come up with a patch
sometime next week that should work with your ZT5550C boards.


Scott Murray
SOMA Networks, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

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