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    SubjectRe: 2.5.58-mjb2 (scalability / NUMA patchset)
    >> Speed up page init on boot (Bill Irwin)
    >> local_pgdat Bill Irwin
    >> Move the pgdat structure into the remapped space with lmem_map
    > Any chance you could push these Linus-ward? akpm appears to have
    > lost the intestinal fortitude to carry NUMA-Q/Summit -specific stuff
    > himself, which is fine, I'd just rather not see these lost in the
    > shuffle, esp. as a day or two was burned on each.

    The first one isn't in the tree as yet ... I just haven't been excited
    enough about speeding up boot speed, to be perfectly honest, seeing as
    it still takes 5 minutes anyway. It might make more sense once kexec
    works, and the percentage improvement would become significant.

    The local_pgdat stuff definitely makes sense ... I'd kind of prefer it
    to go after the mem_map so I don't have to think about alignment
    issues so much, but it's been stable for ages, so I guess I'll push it
    as soon as Linus returns from vacation ...


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