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SubjectRe: [patch] sched-2.5.59-A2
Martin J. Bligh wrote:
>>I repeated the tests with your B0 version and it's still not
>>satisfying. Maybe too aggressive NODE_REBALANCE_IDLE_TICK, maybe the
>>difference is that the other calls of load_balance() never have the
>>chance to balance across nodes.
> Nope, I found the problem. The topo cleanups are broken - we end up
> taking all mem accesses, etc to node 0.
> Use the second half of the patch (the splitup I already posted),
> and fix the obvious compile error. Works fine now ;-)
> Matt, you know the topo stuff better than anyone. Can you take a look
> at the cleanup Ingo did, and see if it's easily fixable?

Umm.. most of it looks clean. I'm not really sure what the
__cpu_to_node_mask(cpu) macro is supposed to do? it looks to be just an
alias for the __node_to_cpu_mask() macro, which makes little sense to
me. That's the only thing that immediately sticks out. I'm doubly
confused as to why it's defined twice in include/linux/topology.h?


> M.
> PS. Ingo - I love the restructuring of the scheduler bits.
> I think we need > 2 multipler though ... I set it to 10 for now.
> Tuning will tell ...

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