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SubjectRe: cs89x0 in 2.5 (was Re: eepro100 - 802.1q - mtu size)
Replying to Jeff Garzik:
> >
> IIRC it came from -ac tree without explanation, and I think akpm said it
> broke stuff. Since it has an alive maintainer (akpm), I would rather
> let Alan and Andrew fight it out :) Whatever they decide is fine with
> me for 2.5.

It is not a magic number in net drivers. I was author of this bit, and
without it I cannot start onboard nic on IBM PC300 GL (a lot of them I
have here). Actually, to _understand_ what this bit do you just need
to look at the driver source and see _how_ it works with
A_CNF_MEDIA_10B_2 constants. More specific, it expects that there are
single bits, and before my patch A_CNF_MEDIA_10B_2 was 0x60. 0x60 is
not a single bit.

I've thought this change is obvious, and as far as I can remember
Andrew has nothing against it.

Paul P 'Stingray' Komkoff Jr /// (icq)23200764 /// (http)
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