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SubjectRe: Dell Latitude CPi keyboard problems since 2.5.42
Andrew McGregor wrote:
> The i8k will power off with APM but not ACPI, but it won't reboot with
> either.
> I'm using grub, so it may hit the problem before outputting anything
> where lilo may not.

[Fixed CC: to Vojtech]

CPx750J powers off with grub/APM
C640 powers off with grub/ACPI - much earlier than the CPx

Most likely the same interval of kernel that Valdis mentions. For
sure both behave like this in 2.5.58.

> --On Wednesday, January 15, 2003 14:21:57 -0500
> wrote:
>> On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 23:43:58 +1300, Andrew McGregor said:
>>> Possibly related:
>>> Dell Inspiron 8000s won't warm reboot either. They just freeze with a
>>> blinking cursor at the point where the bootloader would ordinarily load.
>>> Have to power off or reset.
>>> Consistent in various versions from 2.5.44 to .55. Have not tested
>>> earlier, nor yet later.
>> Dell Latitude C840s will power off. Oddly enough, it doesn't do it when
>> LILO itself loads - it does it when LILO starts loading the actual kernel
>> image. True from 2.5.46 through 2.5.58.


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