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SubjectClock does not keep time
Dear Kernel-List,

I'm using Linux (kernel 2.4.20 with acpi-20021212 and swsusp-beta16 patches) on
my Acer Travelmate 630 notebook.

Unfortunately I experience the problem, that under some [1] conditions the RTC
does not keep time. It runns in advance compared to the real time, up to
several hours per 12 hours of time. The machine is quite new, so I don't think,
that the RTC-battery is already exhausted.

I was able to gain the information that the RTC in this notebook is a BQ3285LF
(is manufactured from TI - Datasheet for instance at - and probably others).

Is such a problem known to you?
Is it possible that it is a kernel issue or do you think it is a hardware-bug?
How could I debug this issue?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions
Maier Gerfried

[1] I was not able to find out under what conditions. I first thought that it
could be temperatore-dependant, or if the power supply is on line or not, if I
booted windows before. Unfortunately I was not able to find the reason by now.

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