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SubjectRe: Changing argv[0] under Linux.
On Thursday 16 January 2003 00:03, DervishD wrote:
> Yes, I suppose that exec'ing whatever is in argv0 is not a good
> idea :((( Didn't think about it.
> Any suggestion on how to get the binary name from the core image?
Does it have to be an exec?
Perhaps something like this:
int main(int argc, char **argv)
if (fork ()) {
strcpy (argv[0], "Fake name 00001");
setpgrp (); /* very important when dealing with stuff like this */
pause(); /* code for personality "Fake name 00001" */
return 0;
strcpy (argv[0], "Fake name 00002");
setpgrp ();
pause(); /* code for personality "Fake name 00002" */

this thing works - at least on my box...
But, of course, I could be mistaken, and I miss to see some other
important details. Good luck.
Dorin "sp00ky" Lazar, programmer
Registered Linux user #162515

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