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    SubjectLinux 2.5.59

    Updates to sparc, alpha, ppc64, fbdev, XFS, AGP, kbuild, arm...

    Likely the last release by me in a while, but Andrew & co can hold the


    Summary of changes from v2.5.58 to v2.5.59

    o missing break in amd 486 cpu case

    o i8k driver update to i8k-1.13
    o i8k driver cleanups
    o alsa before oss in Kconfig

    Ulrich Drepper <>:
    o new CPUID bit

    Falk Hueffner <>:
    o [AGP] missing includes on Alpha

    Jeff Wiedemeier <>:
    o Fix marvel irq count computation

    Nick Holloway <>:
    o cpia driver update

    o fix cardbus/hotplugging

    Andi Kleen <>:
    o x86_64 update

    Andrew Morton <>:
    o ext3 ino_t removal
    o factor free memory into max_sane_readahead()
    o fix ext3 memory leak
    o hugetlbfs: don't implement read/write file_ops
    o Use for_each_task_pid() in do_SAK()
    o Create a per-cpu proces counter for /proc reporting
    o remove has_stopped_jobs()

    Anton Blanchard <>:
    o pp64: move BUG into asm/bug.h
    o ppc64: update comment, we now zero extend all 6 arguments in the
    32bit syscall path, from Milton Miller
    o ppc64: 2.5 module support, from Rusty
    o ppc64: fix build when CONFIG_MODULES=n
    o ppc64: move BUG_ILLEGAL_INSTR into asm/bug.h, noted by Milton
    o ppc64: remove old strace hack
    o ppc64: remove old signal code, unused on 64bit userspace
    o ppc64: Remove code which zero/sign extends arguments 5 and 6, its
    done unconditionally now
    o ppc64: fix exception handling in socket multiplexer
    o ppc64: Temporary workaround for oops during coredump

    Bjorn Helgaas <>:
    o [AGP] factor device command updates
    o [AGP] fix old pci_find_capability merge botch
    o [AGP] Remove unused var
    o [AGP] Print AGP version & mode when programming devices
    o [AGP] factor device capability collection
    o [AGP] use PCI_AGP_* constants
    o [AGP] use pci_find_capability in sworks-agp.c

    Christoph Hellwig <>:
    o more procfs bits for !CONFIG_MMU
    o remove more junk from i2c headers
    o remove some junk from fs/devfs/Makefile
    o remove obsolete kern_umount alias for mntput
    o fix intermezzo compilation
    o don't include coda_fs_i.h in fs.h
    o umode_t changes from Adam's mini-devfs

    Christoph Hellwig <>:
    o [XFS] remove superlous MAXNAMELEN checks
    o [XFS] some more rename cleanups
    o [XFS] xfs_getattr should be static
    o [XFS] remount r/o fixes
    o [XFS] update xattr.h copyright date
    o [XFS] add dmapi miscdevice minor number
    o [XFS] fix namespace pullution
    o stale bdev reference in quotactl
    o fix signed/unsigned issue in SGI partitioning code
    o remove GET_USE_COUNT
    o remove MOD_IN_USE

    Dave Jones <>:
    o [WATCHDOG] clean up includes
    o [WATCHDOG] Final 2.4 bits for advantechwdt
    o [WATCHDOG] Final 2.4 bits for eurotechwdt
    o [WATCHDOG] Final 2.4 bits for ib700wdt
    o [WATCHDOG] Final 2.4 bits for softdog.c
    o [WATCHDOG] Final 2.4 changes for w83877f_wdt.c
    o [WATCHDOG] final 2.4 fixes for wdt.c
    o [WATCHDOG] Final 2.4 changes for wdt285.c
    o [WATCHDOG] Final 2.4 changes for wdt_pci.c
    o [AGPGART] warning fixes from Bjorn's last patches
    o [AGPGART] implement module locking that works
    o [AGPGART] Remove ancient unused bits from headers

    David Brownell <>:
    o maintain hcd_dev queue in FIFO order

    David S. Miller <>:
    o [SUNSAB]: Fix uart_get_baud_rate args
    o [SPARC64]: Define PAGE_BUG in asm/bug.h
    o [SPARC64]: Add UltraSPARC-III cpu frequency driver
    o [SPARC64]: Move topology_init to setup.c, it is not SMP specific
    o [SPARC64]: Use init/exit facility of cpufreq infrastructure
    o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig

    Dominik Brodowski <>:
    o cpufreq: fix compilation, name of gx-suspmod driver

    Duncan Sands <>:
    o USB: kill speedtouch tasklet when shutdown
    o USB: make more speedtouch functions static
    o USB: SpeedTouch not Speed Touch

    Eric Sandeen <>:
    o [XFS] Make sure we don't walk off the end of the err_level array
    o [XFS] Fix dyslexic definition of XFS_MAX_ERR_LEVEL
    o [XFS] Merge max file offset fix - use standard Linux macros
    o [XFS] Handle mode 0 inodes that find their way onto the unlinked
    list These shouldn't be there, probably the result of corruption.

    Gabriel Paubert <>:
    o Cleanup of the lcall7/lcall27 entry path

    Geert Uytterhoeven <>:
    o Amiga keyboard fix
    o Q40/Q60 IRQ updates from 2.4.x
    o M68k exception table updates
    o Sun-3: Add missing deactivate_mm()
    o M68k generic RTC driver updates
    o Atari ST-RAM swap update
    o Q40/Q60 keyboard fixes
    o Generic RTC driver documentation
    o Mac/m68k NCR5380 SCSI updates

    Greg Kroah-Hartman <>:
    o USB: put the usb storage's SCSI device in the proper place in sysfs
    o TTY: add module reference counting for tty drivers
    o USB: add dev attribute for usb-serial devices in sysfs
    o USB: added .owner for USB drivers that have a struct tty_driver

    Greg Ungerer <>:
    o bug.h for m68knommu arch
    o remove BUG from m68knommu arch page.h
    o remove obsolete himem.ld from m68knommu sub-arch
    o clean up linker symbols in 68EZ328 ucsimm target
    o clean up linker symbols in 68EZ328 ucdimm target
    o move common macros into m68knommu entry.h
    o remove common code from m68knommu/5307 entry.S
    o remove common code from m68knommu/68328 entry.S
    o remove common code from m68knommu/68360 entry.S
    o build common m68knommu entry.S

    Henning Meier-Geinitz <>:
    o Change maintainership of USB scanner driver

    Ivan Kokshaysky <>:
    o alpha ksyms From
    o alpha bootp target From
    o alpha ipi timeout From
    o alpha HARDIRQ_BITS From
    o alpha kernel layout From
    o alpha osf_shmat lock From
    o alpha ev6/ev7 virt_to_phys From
    o alpha console callbacks From
    o alpha ide hwifs From
    o alpha mem_size_limit From
    o alpha numa iommu From
    o alpha numa update From
    o alpha smp fixes From
    o alpha kernel start address From
    o alpha PCI setup update
    o alpha_remap_area_pages From
    o alpha titan update From
    o alpha irq proc update From
    o alpha smp callin From

    James Morris <>:
    o [CRYPTO]: Add support for SHA-386 and SHA-512
    o [CRYPTO] remove superfluous goto from des module init exception
    o [CRYPTO] Add AES and MD4 to tcrypto crypto_alg_available() test

    James Simmons <jsimmons@kozmo.(none)>:
    o [ATY] Somehow a merge mistake happened. We removed fb_set_var

    James Simmons <>:
    o I810 fbdev updates. Cursor fix for ati mach 64 cards on big endian
    machines. Buffer over flow fix for fbcon putcs function. C99
    initializers for the STI console drivers.Voodoo 1/2 and NVIDIA
    driver updates
    o Added resize support for the framebuffer console. Now you can
    change the console size via stty. Also support for color palette
    changing on VC switch is supported
    o [RIVA FBDEV] Driver now uses its own fb_open and fb_release
    function again. It has no ill effects. The drivers uses strickly
    hardware acceleration so we don't need cfb_fillrect and
    o Updates from Helge Deller for the console/fbdev drivers for the
    PARISC platform. Small fix for clearing the screen and a string
    typo for the Voodoo 1/2 driver
    o [MONITOR support] GTF support for VESA complaint monitors. Here we
    calculate the general timings needed so we don't over step the
    bounds for a monitor
    o Remove fb_set_var. Some how it was missed in a merge conflict
    o Final updtes to the GTF code. Now the code can gnerate GTF timings
    regardless of the validity of info->monospecs
    o [TRIDENT FBDEV] Driver ported to the new api
    o [STI] Updates to latest PARISC changes. Use the latest PCI ids

    Kai Germaschewski <>:
    o Module Sanity Check
    o ISDN/HiSax: Fix typo in drivers/isdn/hisax/config.c
    o ISDN/HiSax: Fix PnP merge
    o ISDN: Fix the janitor fix
    o Consolidate read-only sections in arch/*/
    o kbuild: fix broken kallsyms on non-x86 archs
    o kbuild/modules: Save space on symbol list
    o kbuild: Make asm-generic/ usable for IA-64
    o kbuild: kallsyms cleanup

    Laszlo Valko <>:
    o [SPARC64]: Handle SO_TIMESTAMP properly in compat recvmsg

    Linus Torvalds <>:
    o We need to assign resources to cardbus cards _regardless_ of
    whether probing tells us they already have a range. The old
    information is stale.
    o Fix backslash at end of file
    o Fix page_address() to not re-evaluate its arguments multiple times
    under certain circumstances.

    Marc Zyngier <>:
    o sysfs EISA support
    o EISA naming database
    o EISA sysfs updates to 3c509 and 3c59x drivers
    o EISA sysfs AIP update

    Martin J. Bligh <>:
    o Fix interrupt dest mode / delivery mode confusion
    o Add ACPI hook, rename raw_phys_apicid to bios_cpu_apicid
    o Make IRQ balancing work with clustered APICs
    o Fix APIC header defines for Summit
    o Enable Summit in makefile, update summit subarch code
    o make vm_enough_memory more efficient
    o (1/3) Minimal NUMA scheduler
    o (2/3) Initial load balancing
    o (3/3) NUMA rebalancer

    Matthew Wilcox <>:
    o acpi_bus_register_driver patch

    Nathan Scott <>:
    o [XFS] Fix up some comments, tidy up some macros - no functional

    Patrick Mansfield <>:
    o USB storage sysfs fix

    Patrick Mochel <>:
    o driver model: update documentation
    o kobject: export kset_find_obj
    o sysfs: fixup some remaining s390 files
    o sysfs: fixup NUMA file that was missed
    o sysfs: minor documentation update
    o sysfs: fixup SCSI debug driver files
    o deadline iosched: make sure queue is valid before unregistering it
    o driver model: fix bogus driver binding error reporting and handling

    Paul Mackerras <>:
    o PPC32: Add support for PPC 4xx on-chip devices using the generic
    device model.
    o PPC32: Page-align the data section of the boot wrapper
    o PPC32: Better support for PPC 4xx debug facilities
    o PPC32: Use a per-cpu variable for prof_counter and prof_multiplier

    Randy Dunlap <>:
    o update LOG BUF SIZE config

    Richard Henderson <>:
    o [ALPHA] Expose shifts in virt_to_phys to the compiler
    o [ALPHA] Use direct calls to titan_ioremap/unmap when building a
    titan specific kernel.
    o [ALPHA] AGP infrastructure for AGP implemented in Alpha corelogic
    (Titan / Marvel), Kconfig and headers.
    o [ALPHA] Marvel (AlphaServer ES47, ES80, GS1280) support
    o [ALPHA] Fixups to Marvel and Titan for incomplete merging
    o [ALPHA] Formatting cleanup, warning removal, move declarations to
    header files where they belong.
    o [ALPHA] Correct io.h exports and inlining for marvel and titan
    o [ALPHA] Corrections to recent changes

    Roger Luethi <>:
    o export skb_pad symbol
    o Fix via-rhine using skb_padto

    Roland Dreier <>:
    o [NET]: Fix up RTM_SETLINK handling

    Russell Cattelan <>:
    o [XFS] Fix the cmn_err stuff to mask the error level before it
    checks for max value
    o [XFS] make *cmn_err interrupt safe
    o [XFS] Revisit the remount read only code again

    Russell King <>:
    o [ARM] Add new system call entries
    o [ARM] Remove redundant definitions from ide.h
    o [ARM] Fix CPUFREQ initialisation oops
    o [ARM] Update sa1100fb
    o [ARM] Update acornfb for new fbcon layer
    o [ARM] Use new asm/bug.h for arch/arm/kernel/bios32.c
    o [ARM] Prevent "scheduling while atomic" in cpu_idle()
    o [ARM] Update mach-types; add 8 new machine types, fix karo entry
    o [ARM] Fix failure paths in fd1772.c initialisation
    o [ARM/IDE] Fix BLK_DEV_IDEDMA setting on non-Acorn ARM systems
    o [ARM] Fix Integrator __virt_to_bus/__bus_to_virt

    Stephen Rothwell <>:
    o compat_{old_}sigset_t generic part
    o compat_{old_}sigset_t s390x part
    o compat_sys_sigpending and compat_sys_sigprocmask
    o compat_sys_sigpending and compat_sys_sigprocmask

    Tom Rini <>:
    o PPC32: Change the MontaVista copyright / GPL boilerplate to a
    condensed version.

    Trond Myklebust <>:
    o Fix RPC client warning in 2.5.58
    o Fix NFS root mount handling

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