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SubjectPartially closed source module, more of gcc/ld question.
Hey there,

some of you might have read my message on the promise fasttrak last time.
I'm sorry to say that I started yelling to them through e-mail and the
replied now! This is the so manied company that suddenly replies if you
yell... Oh well, they released some new module, which I want to try later

Sortta like nvidia, you get a Makefile, some others an object and 3 C
files. Now for the question. Loading a gcc v2 compiled module into a v3
compiled kernel causes problems. Is it correct to assume then that if the
object were compiled with v2, and the C files with v3 and those get linked
together into a module, that you might experience the same problems?

Is there any way I can see with which version the object was compiled
(the kernel seems to be able to, or atleast, partially it doesn't give
specific version just v2 or v3)?

Kind regards

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