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SubjectRe: Irda connectivity problems since 2.4.20
DevilKin wrote :
> Hello list,

Wrong list ! Please post IrDA bug report on the Linux-IrDA
mailing list where more people will be able to help you.

> I recently switched my debian install over from 2.4.19 to 2.4.20. Since then
> I've been having trouble syncing my Palm m500 over Irda. It works, but the
> transfers seem to stall a lot, making the total hotsync take over 5 minutes
> to complete.
> The irda transfers work fine in 2.4.19.

The IrDA patch that went into 2.4.20 have been on my web page
for over a year, so well tested...

> Framing or parity error!
> Framing or parity error!
> Framing or parity error!
> ... lots of framing errors

This clearly point out to problems with the lower layer,
either the serial port or the TTY layer, not the IrDA stack. Verify
that the IrDA link is aligned and that there is no source of noise.
By any chance, are you running a preemptible or SMP kernel ?

> I'm using the following irda related modules:
> irtty irport ircomm-tty ircomm irda

You need to know if you are using irtty or irport.

> Any ideas?

Do :
> cat /proc/tty/driver/serial
And send the result to the serial port author/mailing list. If
you see lot's of FE, that's your problem.

Do an irdadump (with version 15 of irda-tools) while
connecting and send it the the IrDA mailing list.
Try 2.4.21-pre3.
With 2.4.20, revert the patch on my page called "Very
important fixes" and try again. If this fix the problem, you need to
try 2.4.21-pre3 with the patch called "Handle invalid QoS parameter"
and set max_tx_window to 1.


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