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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] contest benchmark v0.60
On Wednesday 15 January 2003 06:15, Ian Wienand wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 02:16:48PM +1100, Con Kolivas wrote:
> > Ok some mildly annoying bugs have already shown up in this release.
> >
> > I've put up a contest-0.61pre on the contest website that addresses the
> > one which ruins the results and has some of the changes going into 0.61
> Con/Aggelos,
> What was the motivation for re-writing in C?

I gave up trying to make the script work in my desktop, which runs freebsd
(too many little differences in the utilities used).

> I've done some hacking on the old version here, and so I realise that
> such a big shell script was getting a little out of hand, but surely
> perl or python is a better option for this application?

The script also had a few bugs that were actually artifacts of using bash
(e.g. you had to use killall instead of just killing your children).

> If it's going to stay in C maybe we could integrate profiling support
> from /proc/profile, bypassing readprofile? One of the guys here
> recently wanted to get profiling information from his program, and it
> would have been really good to have a library that could reset, start,
> pause and return in some format the profiling data. If you think your
> users might be interested in profile outputs I can write something
> maybe we can both use.

Feel free to do so. I won't be able to help because
a) I'm not interested the feature :)
b) I don't have the time, I'm just helping Con squash most of the bugs in my

Follow each decision as closely as possible with its associated action.
- The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plaugher)

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