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Subjectdisplay bug in "make xconfig" in 2.5.58

(aside: i do realize that the "make xconfig" graphical
config screen doesn't represent the actual, underlying logistics
for kernel configuration, so i'm going to spend more time
concentrating on the underlying kbuild language. but here's
a fairly obvious flaw in make xconfig anyway.)

"make xconfig" will not display simple config entries at
the top menu level.

granted, at the moment, there *are* none of these, but if
you examine arch/i386/Kconfig, it's clear that such things are
at least possible -- X86, MMU, SWAP and so on. (i deduce that,
if a config entry has no label on its type attribute, it is
not to be displayed, right?)

if you add a bogus label to the "bool" line for, say, the
X86 entry, that selection appears properly as a checkbox in
"make menuconfig", but is never displayed for "make xconfig".


p.s. and, no, i don't know enough about Qt to devise a patch
for this. some day, maybe ...

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