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Subject2.5.58: Kernel BUG at fs/devfs/base.c
Kernel: 2.5.58 + bitkeeper patches + a patch by Patrick Mochel to fix an 
initrd oops:

I hit the following BUG twice while working with GNU parted.
The first time I tried to remove (rm) a partition and create a smaller one in
its place (mkpart). The second time I tried to remove a partition and create
a larger one in its place. Both times the partitions were created with the
proper size, but parted crashed with a segmentation fault.

Here's the important parts of the BUG:

parted: OOPS devfs.put: Poisoned put
Kernel BUG at fs/devfs/base.c: 930!
EIP: devfs_put+0x13c/0x150
Call Trace:
Call: 0f 0b a2 03 43 f9 37 c0 e9 d7 fe ff ff 8d b4 26 00 00 00 00
Segmentation fault

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