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Subjectshould be: cannot allocate memory : fork error on 2.5.58
Holy crap sorry about the subject. Dont know what happened there

Quoting Con Kolivas <>:

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> Since moving contest ( to c I get an error trying
> to
> fork with all 2.5 kernels I try after running it on the 6th load. The error
> does
> not occur with any 2.4 kernels. I have confirmed it is still present on
> 2.5.58.
> To reproduce the problem:
> Run the latest version of contest without arguments (0.61pre) and after
> no_load,cacherun,process_load,ctar_load,xtar_load and io_load it bombs out
> with:
> bmark.c:43: SYSTEM ERROR: Cannot allocate memory : fork error
> This is not an application error and does not occur with 2.4.x kernels. It
> happens every time and with all 2.5 kernels I have tried. I can start
> contest
> again without problems after each error and eventually will run into the same
> error.
> Con

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